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New release: A Safe Place (Romeo & Julian 4)

A Safe Place, the long awaited fourth book in the Romeo & Julian-Series, is now available from Siren-Bookstrand and distributors

Some good boys are best when they’re bad—and FBI-Agent Julian Harris knows that no one is better at being bad than his lover Romeo Paris Montague. They are assigned a new case, the high-profile Houdini-Heist. It leads them to France, Romeo’s country of origin, where he is supposed to play his role as an art thief to meet a contact person.

When events take a dramatic turn, more secrets from Romeo’s mysterious past are revealed, and some of them have the potential to get them killed. At the same time, the wish for a quieter life and a blast from the past leads Romeo into a temptation that is hard to resist.

But is running away from the only safe place he’s ever known and escaping to the dark side really the solution for Romeo? Or can Julian convince him that there is another way out?

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Special Guest: Siobhan Muir

Hi all, 

I'm delighted to welcome a very special guest on my blog today. Not only do we share initials and have the same number of letters in our names, we also published our first books around the same time. This is actually her third time visiting me and I can't believe it's taken me this long to get her to agree to an interview. 
Ladies & gents, please welcome the lovely Siobhan Muir!

Hi Sobhan, it's so good to have you back! Please take a seat, have some coffee and let's get down to

The business ones

Please give us a short introduction about yourself:
I’m a paranormal romance and romantic suspense author who’s the North American expert on Pleistocene fossil fox teeth. I’ve been writing fantasy stories of one kind or another since I was ten years old and after I graduated with my master’s degree in palaeontology, I decided I’d put the stories on hold long enough.

What genre(s) do you write in and why?
I write paranormal romance and contemporary romantic suspense. I need a little magic in my stories since I live in the real world, so I add odd and interesting creatures to it. Or I have someone stalking the hero or heroine. But if you’re really savvy you might notice there are a few “different” characters that slip into my contemporary tales. You’ll have to read them to figure out who they are. :)

Tell us about your latest release
Bronco’s Rough Ride is the second book in the Bad Boys of Beta Squad series and is really a prequel to The Navy’s Ghost because it happens a decade earlier. However, you can read either of these two stories first and not be lost in the series. This story is about Chief Petty Officer John “Bronco” Andrews and how he met Lindsey Jarvis, the woman who not only rescues him, but becomes his wife. John is on a Permanent Change of Station to Coronado when he gets mixed up in a reverse-sex-slave ring in Las Vegas. Lindsey Jarvis is an undercover cop trying to bring the ring down.

Do you need a special setting to write in or do you have a ceremony to get you in the mood? What does it look like?
I don’t really need a specific space or ritual to get into the writing mood, but I do find I need something to drink beside me to help the thoughts flow, and I need quiet. When writing I don’t listen to music. It’s too distracting. But I do listen to music when editing and shifting story ideas around. The only thing that must be present is something to drink. Tea, coffee, water, wine. Doesn’t matter as long as it’s wet (and won’t kill me, lol).

Describe your feelings when you learnt that your first book was accepted for publication
Ever heard the phrase “happy dance”? Yeah, mine was more like screaming and running around the house, waving my hands and jumping up and down. It was a dream come true and the official beginning to my career in writing.

Has the release of your first book changed anything in your personal life? If so, what?
It has changed the way I structure each day. For me, this IS my job, so I had to change from just rising and getting the kids ready for school, to getting up, getting dressed and prepared for work. That means shower, get dressed, coffee, and breakfast before sitting down to promote and write. Now that the kids are in school full days, it has made the change easier.

Where do you find inspiration?
I get inspiration from everywhere. Most of the time, my stories come to me in dreams, but I can get inspired by a song lyric, a scene in a movie, an spin-off idea from someone else’s book, or even a social issue bothering me at the moment. Heck, I’ve even started (and written) novels from #flashfiction challenge prompts.

Who is your favourite character and why?
A favourite line from one of your books. Actually, it’s about three lines from Her Devoted Vampire:

“Stabbed, kidnapped, and naked in a stranger’s bed. It just doesn’t get much worse.”
“Except, perhaps, being kidnapped by a vampire with a house full of werewolves,” Fredrick suggested, a half-smile curling his kissable lips.
Bridget snorted. “Thank God there’s no such thing as vampires or werewolves.”

That exchange cracks me up to this day. :D

Your favourite drink and food when writing. 
 Favourite drink is coffee and favourite food is sushi.

The nosy ones

How much of the real “you” is in your stories?
I think there’s always a little of me in all my stories. The thing is if I can’t convince me the characters would react the way they do, then I can’t write it. So they react the way I would find convincing or I would react in their place.

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? Who was it?
Oh, yes. Maximus from the movie Gladiator. Russell Crowe just made my year in 2000 and I even wrote a story using him as a template. That one might eventually be published. ;)

Who is your least favourite of the characters you’ve written? Why?
I think that would be Brenda Solaris from Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack. She was so annoying and snotty that I don’t even want to write a redemption story for her.

The steamiest scene from your books.
The Beltane festival scene in The Beltane Witch. That one was the first sex scene that made me so hot I had to go find Mr. SM to take care of me. :)

Favourite comfort food? 

A person you admire
Cat Johnson, erotic romance author, mentor, and all around cool lady.

If you could ask any person in the world one question of your choice, who would it be and what would you ask them? 
Heh, the first question I would ask is if I could ask more than one question, lol. There’s a porn star out there named Randy Spears. He can either be sultry, sexy, badass, or funny, yet he’s in a very interesting field. I’d love to a talk to him about sex, intimacy, and how his views on those subjects have changed since becoming a porn star.

The fast ones

Favourite colour? Burgundy

Favourite pet? Cat

Dog or cat? I have both, although I’ve studied dead dogs. ;)

Coffee or tea? Coffee, no question.

Quickie or candles? I prefer candles - one should always take his time.

Hunky or chunky? Hmm, that suggests there’s nothing in between. How about fit and cuddly?

Suit & tie or jeans & boots? I get to wear ties now? Lol. Fitted shirt, jeans, and high-heeled boots. ;)
   ---For him, not for you, silly! ;) ~Sage

Walk in the park or chat over cocktails? Walk in the park, or the mountains, or the beach. ;)

Thank you so much for this interview, Siobhan - getting Mr. SM to take care of you, huh? LOL. Ahem. Let's take a look at your new release now, shall we? 

 What happens in Vegas, stays in the heart...

Chief Petty Officer John "Bronco" Andrews only meant to stay one night in Vegas for a little R&R before resuming his duties as a US Navy SEAL in Coronado. But someone slips him a mickey in the bar and he finds himself in Madame LeBeau's sex trade. As the product. Doped up on ketamine to keep him docile, Bronco has no choice but to let it ride.

Detective Lindsey Jarvis has been undercover in LeBeau's sex slave racket for two years and she almost has enough evidence to take it down. Between abduction, prostitution, and murder, she has LeBeau by the short hairs. All she needs is a "product". John is the perfect witness if she can get him out before the drugs shut down his heart. Then she'll be free to start a normal life.

Lindsey doesn't count on her overwhelming attraction for Bronco or her need to see him through detox. But she's a cop in Vegas and he's a Navy SEAL, two lifestyles with too much unpredictability to maintain a relationship. Neither have time for more than one wild rough ride, and what happens in Vegas, stays. Forever.
Excerpt of Bronco’s Rough Ride
Copyright © 2014 Siobhan Muir
All rights reserved.
“Getting to Know You.” 

Lindsey tilted her head and set her purse down, planning her approach. No doubt he’s furious. She couldn’t blame him as she nodded to her prisoner and strode around him. I’ll free you as soon as I can, I promise. She made a full circuit before she stopped directly in his line of sight.

“As I understand it, you’re really in there, alive and awake and aware. So we’re going to play a little game.” Lindsey gave him a cool smile. “Despite your incapacitation, I know we can communicate just fine and I want you show me you understand. So here’s how this will go. You will blink twice for yes and once for no. Do you understand?”

Lindsey met his gaze and waited. The cool eyes never moved or blinked. She stared hard, noting the golden color of his irises. Dark haired with golden eyes. He was every one of her fantasies in the flesh and he couldn’t move. Guess I’m going to have to do what I always dreamed I could. I have to save the hero in distress. Why couldn’t she get rescued once in a while? The sick part about the whole situation stemmed from what she’d learned about military and police men. They often joined the cops or armed forces to protect and serve those less fortunate and weaker than themselves. Her father and uncles had been that way. Now this guy lay at her mercy, unable to break free, unable to use his strength or training to save anyone, much less himself. It had to be eating at him like poison.

“Come now…” Lindsey paused as she thought of the name Madame LeBeau had christened him. “John. Answering won’t harm you or give away anything you don’t want. I just want to be sure we understand each other.” She sidled closer to his left arm.

Great muscles swathed the bones and his large hands showed calluses where he’d held weapons. Definitely a front line operative. Scars marred the skin on his ribs and shoulders. Old knife marks and bullet wounds. This man had seen some impressive action at some point.

“So, do you understand me?” She leaned over him until their gazes met and John blinked twice.

“Excellent.” She gave him a satisfied smile even while her gut clenched with disgust. “My name is Mistress Jenna and you’re to be mine tonight. If you please me, I might keep you for a while. Do you understand?”

John’s eyes closed and opened twice more.

“Very good. Now I’m going to smell you. This will tell me if I’ve chosen the right man. And believe me, you want to be the right man.” She shot him a pointed look. “A man’s scent tells a lot about him. How healthy he is, what sorts of foods he eats, how well he takes care of his body.” Lindsey paused to scan the lovely furred chest and belly, leading straight to his flaccid, but decent-sized penis. “Although given what I can see at first glance, you’ve taken very good care of this body.”

Removing her shoes and purse, she stepped up to the bench and brought her nose close to his hip, inhaling. They’d cleaned him up and washed his skin. The scents reaching her nose reminded her of vanilla Ponderosa pine bark in the sun, but the after-scent soured as if something tainted his sweat. Damn drugs. We’ll fix that soon, John. I promise.

She sniffed his belly and up the center of his chest until she came to the dog tags. She paused long enough to read the name and rank. Chief Petty Officer J. H. Andrews. At least she’d have a name to report to her handler. She continued to his neck and bearded jaw, enjoying the brush of his chest hair on her chin. Glancing up, she met his golden gaze burning with fury and inwardly scowled. I’m sorry. She wished she could tell him, but she had no way…Wait.

Bringing her nose and lips close to his ear, she brushed aside his long hair and made it appear she tasted his neck.

“Chief Petty Officer Andrews, my name is Officer Lindsey Jarvis of the Las Vegas Metro PD.” She breathed the words to his ear and hoped he understood. “I’ve been infiltrating this sex ring for two years and I’m going to do my damnedest to get you out.” She pulled back a little and gave him a satisfied smile. “You smell divine. Do you understand?” She hoped he saw the real question in her eyes. Please know I’m here to help you.

“John” Andrews blinked twice, some of the anger replaced with surprise.

“Very good.” She sauntered around his head, trailing her hand through his hair, and put her nose beside his other ear. “I need permission to touch you to make this look good. I need complete access to your body, including your penis and testicles. Do I have permission to touch you, including kissing, on your torso and legs?”

Holy shit, what was she asking him? She raised her head from his ear and met his gaze. Curiosity burned there. “So, you’re a military man, hm? Do you work that body hard, John?” She placed her hand on his right pectoral above his flat nipple and tried not to enjoy the fuzzy heat from his chest as she stared into his eyes. Please give me permission. I don’t want to have to stop. Stop the game to rescue him, not stop touching him. Riiiiggghht.

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About Siobhan:
Siobhan Muir lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her husband, two daughters, and a vegetarian cat she swears is a shape-shifter, though he's never shifted when she can see him. When not writing, she can be found looking down a microscope at fossil fox teeth, pursuing her other love, paleontology. Siobhan writes kick-ass adventure with hot sex for men and women to enjoy. She believes in happily ever after, redemption, and communication, all of which you will find in her paranormal romance.

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